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Trusted solutions. Re-imagined.

Reliable high performance instruments engineered and manufactured by eralytics combine precision, speed, versatility and the ease of use in a well-balanced relation. Their development and output represent more than 20 years of close co-operation with international customers and partners, and the observance of their core requirements.

Compact Portable Stand-Alone Analyzers

All eralytics laboratory instruments are compact stand-alone analyzers with a built-in industrial PC. Their lightweight but rugged metal housing and the integrated carrying handle make them ideally suited for mobile applications. Their small footprint makes them the best choice for use in the lab, in mobile laboratories or in the field.

They can be operated from 85 – 264 Volts or with an available adapter even run from vehicle batteries.

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  • Portability of eralytics instruments
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Multilingual Touchscreen Interface

As a globally recognized brand in petroleum testing equipment eralytics soon realized that it is essential to offer graphical user interfaces in local languages to make our instruments easy to operate. Therefore our software can be fully translated to any language.

Currently we offer English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese and many other languages. Ask your local representative if your language is available already.

  • All eralytics measuring instruments are equipped with a multilingual, intuitive touchscreen
  • All eralytics measuring instruments are equipped with a multilingual, intuitive touchscreen
  • All eralytics measuring instruments are equipped with a multilingual, intuitive touchscreen

Comprehensive Input Options

Our analyzers are all equipped with a 8.4″ full color touchscreen for easiest usage in the lab.

Keyboard and Mouse

It is also possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to our analyzers if this is your preferred way of data entry.

Bar Code Scanners
If your samples are identified by a bar code we also support the direct connect of bar code scanners to the instruments. Scanned bar codes are automatically added as sample IDs. For autosampler models the cursor automatically moves to the next sample ID field and activates the scanned position for the next measurement run.

The manual scanner of bar codes in man hand

Data Output Capabilities

Our instruments come with the latest connectivity options. This include a LAN connection, 5 x USB-A, 1 x USB-B,  RS232 connection and Wifi connection via external USB-dongle.

Using LAN or RS232 allows to directly hook up our instruments to any Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Measurement data can be transfered manually to the LIMS or the analyzer can be configured to automatically output its measurement results to LIMS.

The same holds true for printing. All instruments can print via the network connection or by a directly connected printer.

The outputs can be configured freely by the user. All measurement parameters, such as temperatures or used methods are also available as the measurement results, the operator names and sample IDs. It is just a matter of how you want to configure your output.

Data Storage
All measurement data can be exported to USB sticks in text file format or as Excel readable CSV files. Using an FTP client allows to download any measurement data from a PC. Additionally we offer a windows program to access that data.

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Desktop Software

Our RCS software is capable to connect to an unlimited number of eralytics analzers at the same time. This software not only downloads data from the instruments but it can also upload configuration files for LIMS and printer output from the PC to the analyzer. Additionally it prints results directly on any connected printer. Downloaded data is available even if the instrument isn’t connected anymore.

The optional remote control capability allows to enter all relevant parameters for a measurement on the PC first and start the measurement on the analyzer from the PC afterwards. Especially for the autosampler instruments this increases the comfort of data entry.

Remote Control Software 3.0

Optional 10-Position Autosampler

All eralytics analyzers can be equipped with a 10-position autosampler. For ERAVAP, ERASPEC, ERASPEC OIL, and ERACHECK this autosampler is directly attached to the instrument maintaining their portability. An upgrade of existing instruments is easily possible.

For our flash point testers this is not possible due to the way the sample is introduced into the measurement chamber. For this measuring case, we have our standalone device, the 10-position flash point autosampler ERAFLASH S10 available.

  • ERASPEC with autosampler
  • eravap_autosampler_thumb
  • ERAFLASH S10 10-position autosampler
  • eraspec Oil with the 10-position autosampler

eraspace - Your virtual experience

Explore our products and take a virtual tour through eraspace. eraspace is your virtual experience and invites you to explore our products in a playful way. Go inside and try it out. It never gets boring. To fully experience eraspace please use this application on a desktop device as the used software does not support mobile devices yet.