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ERAFLASH X is the future-proof replacement for ASTM D93 Pensky-Martens testers. Tailored for the petroleum industry all kinds of liquids can be tested over the wide temperature range of 18 °C to 370 °C using only 2 mL of sample. The full compliance with the latest flash point … Read more

The implementation of an in-house oil condition monitoring program offers numerous benefits for organizations seeking to optimize equipment reliability and performance through proactive maintenance practices. Don’t miss our latest whitepaper on in-house oil condition monitoring. … Read more

We are pleased to present to you our great analyzer from our new generation of devices for oil condition monitoring: ERACOUNT XS is the smallest and fastest field particle counter. At the push of a button, the laser-based analyzer measures and displays the ISO 4406 … Read more

eralytics counterpart to the laboratory vapor pressure tester ERAVAP is the Vapor Pressure Tester ERAVAP ONLINE. It’s the ideal solution for many different applications in your process environment.
Since ERAVAP ONLINE’s measurement cell is based on eralytics’ laboratory system, results from the Vapor Pressure Tester ERAVAP ONLINE are identical to laboratory results. There is no … Read more

eralytics is very proud that its analyzers are used in mobile applications worldwide, e.g. from international companies like Ghana Oil Company Limited, SGS, and AVIN Oil S.A.

Nowadays it is critical to get measurement results as fast as possible. Sending samples to laboratories and waiting for the results for days or weeks isn’t meeting modern demands anymore. Bringing the measurement directly on-site … Read more


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