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Flavors & Fragrances


Flash Point Testing with ERAFLASH and the autosampler ERAFLASH S10

ERAFLASH and the 10-position flash point autosampler ERAFLASH S10 with the inherently safe Continuously Closed Cup method guarantee highest precision with maximum speed. The small sample volume of 1 mL makes both instruments the perfect solution for QC testing of precious and expensive flavors and fragrance samples. They cover an unprecedented temperature range from -25 °C to 420 °C (-13 °F to 788 °F). Read more >>

Density & Specific Gravity Testing with ERADENS X

ERADENS X is the world’s smallest high-precision density meter measuring in full compliance with ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185. Its revolutionary vertically aligned x-oscillating metal U-tube design is extremely fast and reliable, making ERADENS X the perfect solution for density testing of flavors and fragrances. Read more >>

Viscosity Testing with ERAVISC X

ERAVISC X is the world‘s smallest and fastest kinematic viscometer offering lab-grade precision. Its revolutionary capillary viscosity cell is combined with eralytics unique x-oscillating metal U-tube density cell allowing a simultaneous high-precision viscosity and density measurement in less than 2 minutes. Read more >>

Vapor Pressure Testing with ERAVAP

With unmatched precision, speed, and versatility ERAVAP is the instrument of choice for vapor pressure testing of low volatility samples like flavors and fragrances to ensure full REACH compliance for your laboratory. With eralytics built-in temperature-controlled U-tube density meter module, ERAVAP offers even more: The simultaneous measurement of vapor pressure and density with a single, portable analyzer. Read more >>

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