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Spotlight your analyzer and get your premium RCS Software for free!

It’s so simple:

  • Send us a picture of you together with your eralytics analyzer inside your lab.
  • Add the serial number & software version and a short personal statement about your experience with the analyzer.
  • In return, we send you the PREMIUM version of our remote control software erasoft RCS valued at € 900,- together with the latest software upgrade for your eralytics analyzer. With the PREMIUM erasoft RCS version, your eralytics analyzer gets advanced features like automatic result download, easy remote software update, LIMS export, SpecView® (graphical display and printout of spectra – for ERASPEC and ERASPEC OIL), and many more, making your eralytics analyzer even more powerful.
    Kindly send all information to

We can’t wait to see your great pictures still today.

Below you can find some great images from our customers together with a personal statement:

“The eraspec FTIR analyzer has transformed our lubricants lab, streamlining used engine oil testing with its rapid and precise analysis. This technology accelerates routine processes, empowering our R&D to optimize formulations and enhance product performance. Its advanced features, elevate our operational efficiency. The eraspec FTIR’s seamless integration ensures prompt customer service, contributing to high satisfaction levels. In essence, this analyzer is a cornerstone in our commitment to delivering top-tier lubricants and exceeding customer expectations.” Majid Farooq | Hi Tech Testing Laboratory | Lahore, Pakistan

“The ERACHECK ECO is a great instrument that has grown with us over the last few years. Starting as a field instrument, it provided portability that allowed us to measure and troubleshoot the performance of oil-water separation on site. It had the features fit for a lab and was expandable through the addition of the 10-position autosampler. With the addition of the autosampler to handle higher throughput, this instrument now provides us with reliable data in our laboratory.”

“eralytics has provided us with a great customer service experience both through our local distributor and the Austrian headquarters. Any questions or concerns have been promptly addressed to ensure we get the most out of our instrument experience. Our user-friendly ERACHECK ECO has been a very reliable and robust analyzer enabling advanced laboratory offerings.”  Amanda McLean | Analytical Chemist, Fluid Intelligence Inc. | Alberta, USA

“Our laboratory is excited about the use of the eralytics Eraspec FTIR Fuel Analyzer. The device is indispensable in everyday laboratory work. It is easy and unpretentious in analysis, with a clear and logical interface, and allows you to fast and accurately determine a large number of parameters. We wish your company to further improve your device and find new solutions for the determination of lower detection limits.” Deniss Viks | OÜ Analiit | Estonia

“The density meter ERADENS X is outstanding and the measurement is fast and accurate. We love it due to its simplicity.” Customer Iraq

“For some years now we have been using the eraflash to analyze our diesel product when we have inbound diesel. We are very pleased with the apparatus since it has bettered the testing significantly. We have just now started using the Erasoft RCS program for monitoring the testing, and we are looking forward to enhance the experience using the Eraflash with the Premium erasoft RCS version.”   Svein André Onarheim, Terminal Technician | St1 Norge AS | Norway