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ERAFLASH X – THE NEXT ERA of Flash Point Testing

ERAFLASH X is the future-proof replacement for ASTM D93 Pensky-Martens testers. Tailored for the petroleum industry all kinds of liquids can be tested over the wide temperature range of 18 °C to 370 °C using only 2 mL of sample. The full compliance with the latest flash point standard ASTM D7094 brings 100% safety, unrivalled speed as well as best in class precision to your laboratory.

Switch to ASTM D7094 now:

  • FAST – Twice as fast as D93 Pensky-Martens
  • SAFE – CCCFP-Design – No open flame for 100% safety in the lab
  • PRECISE – Unrivalled precision over the widest temperature range

We are happy if you contact us for further information via our contact form or directly at