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ERACOUNT XS – The fastest ISO 4406 Particle Counter

We are pleased to present to you our great analyzer from our new generation of devices for oil condition monitoring:

ERACOUNT XS is the smallest and fastest field particle counter. At the push of a button, the laser-based analyzer measures and displays the ISO 4406 particle size channels ≥ 4 µm(c), ≥ 6 µm(c) and ≥ 14 µm(c) – all within 60 seconds using only 10 mL of sample. ERACOUNT XS counts particles in eight channels when connected to one of eralytics’ other OCM analyzers. 

ERACOUNT XS is the analyzer of choice for fast particle measurements with lab grade precision directly in the field. It is an extremely robust all-metal device weighing only 3 kg. It can resist harsh environments such as extreme temperatures or any kind of vibrations. It is the perfect analyzer for the contamination detection and condition monitoring of hydraulic and lube oil systems, test rigs and parts cleaning. 

ERACOUNT XS measures the cleanliness of any lubricant or petroleum product with viscosities up to 1000 cSt at 22 C° (up to ISO VG 320) over a pressure up to 2 bar and is calibrated according to the international standard ISO 11171 and traceable to NIST standards.