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Eden Reforestation Projects

Plant Trees, Save Lives

With every sold instrument eralytics contributes to a better world and supports the farming and growth of young trees. Reforestation takes place in different developing countries in diverse regions of the world. The necessary steps are done with our great partner, the non-profit organization „EDEN REFORESTATION PROJECTS“. We are glad to support their mission to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. They hire the poorest of the poor to grow, plant, and guard to maturity native species forest on a massive scale. At the moment farming is taking place in Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal.


eralytics is contributing to the planting and nurturing of 100 new trees with every single sold eralytics’ analyzer.


Save live through Reforestation

The organization is working under the claim: „Plant trees, save lives.
At first glance, the benefit of reforestation for climate and environmental protection is crystal clear. But how can planting trees save lives? The answer is quite easy: There is huge poverty in the mentioned countries and a lot of people suffer a lack of regular income. Through the reforestation EDEN REFORESTATION PROJECT is creating new local jobs, especially in the countryside. The trees need to be seeded and nurtured before they make their contribution to climate and environmental protection. People on site have a secure income and can provide their families with food, medical care becomes affordable. It enhances the perspective for the children’s future, opening the possibility to visit schools. This is the way tree planting saves live.

Planting a tree in a developing country doesn’t cost much and has a great impact on our environment!

The Advantages of Reforestation at a glance:

• Climate Protection
The trees extract CO2 (Carbon dioxide) from the air, which is responsible for the climatic change and changes it in essential oxygen. Therefore, every tree is contributing to climate protection and slows down global warming.
• Generating jobs and income
Planting and nurturing of trees need human work. The salary allows for the employees and their families to escape from extreme poverty and start for a better life.
• Drinking water protection
The growing forest avoids the rapid drain of rainwater and offers ecologically valuable land for water seepage. This leads to a stable groundwater level to avoid drought.
• Habitat for animals
The growing forest supports the natural habitat of local animals. This is an important contribution to the protection of species.
• Nutrition
The emerging new vegetation reduces weather-related erosion of soil resulting in better harvests.