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Flash Point meets Density – eralytics takes lab-efficiency to the next level

eralytics flash point tester family with different models and unique measuring options offers a solution for every flash point testing challenge over the widest possible measuring range: it starts as low as -40°C with the unique ERAFLASH LT model with its high-speed cooling technology and goes up to 420°C with the patented PBT Peltier Boost Technology used by ERAFLASH for standard measuring routines as well as by the 10-position flash point autosampler ERAFLASH S10.

DENS4052 EXT – the new density option for ERAFLASH

The latest measuring option for ERAFLASH is eralytics innovative temperature-controlled, high-precision density meter module DENS4052 EXT, which is now available for the direct connection with ERAFLASH. With only 1.3 kg of weight, DENS4052 EXT is the lightest and smallest density meter on the market measuring in full compliance with ASTM D4052. This unique feature allows for a simultaneous density (ASTM D4052) and flash point measurement (ASTM D7094) for all types of samples.

Safe & reliable with a very low sample volume

All eralytics flash point testers are meeting the highest safety standards by applying the inherently safe CCCFP – Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point Methods ASTM D6450 and D7094 with only 1-2 mL of sample volume. During the whole measurement process, the chamber remains closed which completely avoids the risk of fire in the lab.

The small sample volume makes ERAFLASH also suitable for special applications such as the measurement of highly valuable or hazardous samples. Depending on your industry you can easily measure a high number of different sample types from fuels, lube oils, wastes, paints, varnishes, solvents, and many more.

PBT – Peltier Boost TechnologyTM for maximum speed and range

The innovative PBT – Peltier Boost TechnologyTM for maximum speed and range supports an unprecedented temperature range and allows significantly shorter turnaround times than all other flash point testers on the market. And this with one single device. In combination with its unrivaled temperature range of -25 to 420 °C (-13 to 788 °F), ERAFLASH is a very cost-efficient tool for used-oil testing facilities, the food, flavor, and fragrance industry.

High-throughput flash point testing with ERAFLASH S10

With the compact 10-position flash point autosampler ERAFLASH S10 eralytics provides the perfect solution for unattended flash point testing for high-throughput laboratories on a small footprint.

ERAFLASH S10 allows for a stand-alone operation with an easily accessible touchscreen. Through a convenient placement of sample cups, the sample preparation is fast and easily done. Each sample position can be programmed individually without the need for a PC and the integrated circle mode allows for the easy addition of sample cups during an ongoing measurement cycle.

A very convenient tool for special applications is the optional cooling lid which keeps the pending sample cups in a pre-cooled state before the start of the actual measurement. This results in shorter turnaround times and completely avoids the loss of volatile compounds.

Necessary maintenance steps take only 1-2 minutes through easily accessible components. Due to the outstanding speed and precision, ERAFLASH S10 is the preferred flash point tester for diesel, jet fuel, and lube oil testing.

Altogether eralytics ERAFLASH flash point tester family offers the perfect solution for every flash point testing challenge you might ever come across.